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Business Initiative

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Recovery Roadmap

   Goal 1: Share leadership styles of businesses with nonprofits.

   Goal 2: Develop a platform for businesses to strategically partner with local nonprofits where by the spirit of collaboration in effective fundraising and marketing product/services together is valued.


   Heightened Awareness of Leadership within the Nonprofit Community
   Fostering and building better relationships among both business and nonprofits
   Identify ways in which both business and nonprofits can market and grow their business and organizations jointly
   How to develop partnerships among the business community that supports strategic charitable giving
   Helping businesses to wisely invest in our nonprofit community- vetting nonprofits
   Businesses analyzing how they support charities through social investment
   What businesses might look for when considering giving to a local charity
   Development of philanthropy among the business community
   Supportive event 2022: ‘Country Music Fest’ to include nonprofit booths since this is a collaborative fundraiser for nonprofits

NonProfit Initiative

On September 9th, hosted by the Community Foundation in Green Valley and Community Advisory Committee of COVID19 Community Impact Fund, these stakeholders were gathered to discuss and address a deficit in grant funding estimated around $1.7 million to local nonprofits over the next 6 months. As this point, we are still in a relief stage and need to devise a recovery plan of action. Currently, all of these stakeholders are operating relief funds as the tide for recovery has not turned yet. More to come.

Mobilizing philanthropy strategically to examine grant funding shortfall to area nonprofits

Community Stakeholders:

   Country Fair White Elephant
   Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold
   Local First Arizona Foundation
   United Way of Southern Arizona
   Arizona Community Foundation
   Community Foundation for Southern Arizona
   Greater Green Valley Community Foundation and Community Advisory Committee for COVID19 Community Impact Fund.

Surveyed nonprofits to get a better idea of where they're at October 2020

Survey Results
      Q1 Did your organization receive relief funds?
Response: PPP 18.2%, COVID Specific Grant 27.3%, SBA Loan 4.5%, Other: regular donations and grant cycles 50%

      Q2 What is your organization's financial vitality for the next 6-12 months?
Response: Excellent 16.7%, Good 50%, Fair 20.5%, Poor 4.2%, Other 8.3% capital campaign

      Q3 In your opinion, do you feel your organization is moving from the respond phase into a recovery phase of the COVID crisis?
Response: Yes 45.8%, No, still responding to circumstances 41.7%, Ready for a recovery plan 12.5%

      Q4 Would you find it beneficial to attend a zoom workshop on creating a roadmap for your organization specifically designed at recovery and rebuilding and what that entails?
Response: No 41.7%, Yes 58.3%

      Q5 What would your organization most benefit from now to 6 months time?
Response: Financial assistance 37.5%, Innovative Thinking 29.2%, Collaborative Networking 25%, Other 8,3% capital campaign help and no more rise in COVID cases

Economic Development Initiative

The Destination Recovery Cohort program is an intensive, facilitated process that delivers a detailed and comprehensive recovery plan for a destination, including specific ways to track recovery stages, consider new options, and form actionable strategies. Participating destinations will work together with a cohort of other destinations to foster collaborative learning via a series of facilitated online workshops.

Participating in a Recovery Plan for Tubac!

   1st-time SoAZ Pickleball Tournament 'Foundation Games' on the new 24 court GVR PB complex. October 22-24, 2021.

Environmental Initiative

We support a consciousness of harmony, kindness and respect for all living things. We are to remember our true nature and be ONE with our natural environment supporting every living thing and its true purpose in the highest.

Relationships of love and gentleness that warms your heart and mind!