CORE TRAINING: Held per agency request

Summer Business/Nonprofit Leadership Series 2020: Temporarily postponed

Goal 1: Share leadership styles of businesses with nonprofits.
Goal 2: Develop a platform for businesses to strategically partner with local nonprofits where by the spirit of collaboration in effective fundraising and marketing product/services together is valued.


   Heightened Awareness of Leadership within the Nonprofit Community
   Fostering and building better relationships among both business and nonprofits
   Identify ways in which both business and nonprofits can market and grow their business and organizations jointly
   How to develop partnerships among the business community that supports strategic charitable giving
   Helping businesses to wisely invest in our nonprofit community- vetting nonprofits
   Businesses analyzing how they support charities through social investment
   What businesses might look for when considering giving to a local charity
   Development of philanthropy among the business community
   Supportive event 2022: ‘Country Music Fest’ to include nonprofit booths since this is a collaborative fundraiser for nonprofits